Fitness Friday: 6/4/21

September 27, 2022
Fitness Friday: 6/4/21

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The Board

The Mobility

McKenzie Press-UpIT Foam Roll

The Warm-Up

Scapular Pull-Ups

Station 1

Every Minute on the Minute perform 5 deadlifts, then rest the remainder of the minute. These rounds will come quick! If you need to make a weight change, you must do so quickly.

Station 2

Every minute on the minute perform:TTB/KAH/Toe RaisesKnee to ElbowsPlate Ground to OverheadStep-Ups with time remaining, perform as many as possible for your score.

Station 3

Sumo Deadlift High Pull(SDLHP)SprintV-Up with time remaining perform as many as possible for your score.

The Finisher

Good Mornings (kettlebell)

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