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September 27, 2022
Free Trial Thursday: 12/5/19

Simple Movement Often Done Incorrectly...

The Plank

1) Arm Positioning Elbows must be placed directly beneath your shoulders joints in one line (like a skyscraper).2.) Spinal alignment The spine should be lengthened in equal opposite directions. Lift your head away from your shoulders, lengthening your neck while simultaneously reaching your tailbone in the other direction. Do not round the spine or extend the neck.3) Core and glute activation Activate the core musculature with a gentle contraction while also contracting the glute muscles, which results in a slight tailbone tuck (similar to a dog tucking its tail between its legs).4) Leg drive Instead of just balancing on your ball of feet, drive them backwards into the ground by contracting your quad muscles, which will extend your knees to lockout.5) Foot and Leg Positioning The best position for your feet is hip-width apart. For those who have tighter hips with limited range of motion, its ok to place your feet a little wider (e.g. shoulder-width stance ). Similar to your forearm positioning, experiment with what feels best for you.

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