Free Trial Thursday: 2/13/20

September 27, 2022
Free Trial Thursday: 2/13/20

February Schedule Changes

DON'T FORGET... NO FREE TRIALS NEXT WEEK AS WE WILL BE OUT OF TOWNDid you read the email sent out last week? If not, please do so and make yourself aware of some upcoming schedule changes coming February 20th.READ EMAIL HERE

Free Trial Thursday

We will be on the Bench again picking up where we left off last week. This week, the rep scheme will go as follows...

  1. Quick off bench warm-up
  2. On bench warm-up: 15 reps (barbell) 10 reps (light weight) 5 reps (little more)
  3. Heavy Single X 3 rounds **This should be about 95% of your 1RM
  4. Then... 5X3 (5 sets of 3 reps) @ 85% of your 1RM

Keep Your Butt Down.Bench Press with your butt on the bench. Your lower back can come off the bench to keep you chest up. But your butt cant or its a failed rep. Bench by pushing your feet into the floor, and your upper-back and glutes into the bench. Dont just push from your feet.No Butt Off Bench! Benching with your butt off the bench is cheating. Its like turning your squats to half squats. It makes the weight easier to bench by decreasing the range of motion. Raising your butt off the bench gets you three red lights in powerlifting competitions. So keep that butt on the bench!

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