Thursday: 4/20/23

April 19, 2023
Thursday: 4/20/23

No Free Trial Thursday

We will resume 5/4

Open Gym

This Sunday! A great opportunity to work on skills you don't have time for during the week (handstand push-ups, rope climbs, pull-up technique etc). Please don't use this as a time to do a crazy WOD off the internet. Use it as a time to refine your skills or make up a WOD you missed earlier in the week! 

The Warm-Up



Narrow Swings

Easy Push-Ups

Reverse and Regular Grip Bench Build

The Strength

We recommend warming up for your sprints during your rest time. Do some runs to the gravel, increasing your speed, or get some 0:20 sprints on the Echo Bike.Do some hamstring stretches while you are at it as well.

The Met-Con

The Finisher

Incline Dumbbell Chest Press

Low Ab Leg Raises

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