Free Trial Thursday 8/11/22

August 18, 2022
Free Trial Thursday 8/11/22

Free Trial Thursday attendees will focus mainly on THE WORK-OUT description and videos to go with it below. We will guide you through the warm-up and go over the work-out details when the rest of the class is doing THE STRENGTH session of the class.

All work-outs will be scaled to meet individual need and abilities, no matter your current level of fitness..

All questions will be answered when you arrive!


Table Top



10 Arm Circles Forward

10 Arm Circle Backward

10 Narrow Swings

3-5 Easy Push Ups (knees or elevated)

10 Jumping Jacks

10-8-6 Bench (Work to 60%)

*Free Trial Gravel Run instead of bench


Those joining us for Free Trial most likely will not get to this portion of the class. We will use the strength session to review movements of the work-out (below).

We are continuing to work with Bench Press percentages for our Thursday Strength session. The percentages are based off of your 1 Rep Max. If you do not know your 1 Rep Max, don't worry. Use the numbers as a guide for a Rate of Perceived exertion and follow along with the same rep scheme.

Bench Press


14 Rounds for Time with a partner (24:00 TC)


Ball Over Shoulder


Box Jumps

This work-out will be a 'waterfall' start. That means as soon as one person gets off the rower, the next person will get on.

Each athlete will move their way down the list until the Box Jumps are complete. When athlete 1 gets done with BJ's they get credit for a round complete.

When athlete 2 gets done with BJ's they will get credit for the round complete.

As a team you will work to complete 14 rounds in less than 24:00

*The row will take athletes roughly 1:30 to do. This will give each athlete about 0:30 rest before getting back on the rower each round.


Plate Pull-Over (and Hovers)


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