Monday 10/23/23

October 23, 2023
Monday 10/23/23

Breast Cancer Awareness WOD

Saturday 10/28 Wear Pink! Bake Sale to raise $$ for the American Cancer Society if you'd like! 

The Mobility

The Warm-up

During Board

Towel Stretch

Upright Rows


Good mornings

Back Squat



Squat Jumps

PVC Torso Rotation

R1 -  Tall Clean -  Tall Power Clean- Split Jerk

R2 - High Hang Power Clean - High Hang Clean

R3 - Lift Off- Clean

The Strength

0:00-5:00 1:30 Loop

Tall Clean - Tall Power Clean - Split Jerk

5:00-8:00 2 min Loop

High Hang Power Clean

High Hang Clean

Split Jerk


Hang Power Clean (HPC)

Hang Clean


Lift Off


Split Jerk

The Met-con

Repeat!! Look at your scores below to see your score from last year:

13:00 As Many Push-Jerks As Possible:

Every 3 min 

Run 400m

Front Squat

Hang Power Clean (HPC)

THEN Jerks with time remaining

The Finisher

Single Arm DB Overhead Walking Lunge

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