Free Trial Thursday 8/5/21

September 27, 2022
Free Trial Thursday 8/5/21

Free Trial Thursday Attendees

The Board


(for members only, not Free Trial folks)We will be working weights based on percentages of our Bench 1 Rep Max found on 7/29/21. Using your numbers (see board photo below) you will build to the given percentages/rep scheme. The link below will allow you to print a VERY handy excel spreadsheet to use for the coming weeks.Simply replace the number at the top of the spreadsheet with your 1 Rep Max, and the percentages we are following will convert for youPrintable Bench ProgramIF YOU WERE NOT AT CLASS on 7/29, or did not find a 1 Rep Max, DON'T WORRY!Build to a heavy single of the day with the class (90%), then use 80% of that number for the 3x5.

The Warm-Up

The warm-up will be a bit different then we typically do. You will have 7 minutes to go through the list ONE TIME. You will do one set only of 0:30 Row, Jumping Jacks,Phelps Swings and Narrow Arm Swings. You will then move to the bench where you will use the remainder of the 7 minutes to warm-up a set of 10-8-5. Rest wisely between each of these sets and build the weight according to the percentages listed. For the warm-up, we gave you a percentage range to follow. Use this range as you would want to build to your first heavy single.

The Strength

The Work-Out

One thing to note... You get 14 pulls only on the rower toward your score. No speed starts on the chain, or these will count toward your pulls.These rounds will come quick, and you will not reset your rower between partner switches. Keep the monitor counting up the entire 20 minutes.

The Finisher


1 Rep Max Numbers from 7/29/21

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