Friday 2/25/22

February 15, 2023
Friday 2/25/22

Spring News

Did you catch the latest Spring Newsletter that landed in your inbox last week. Read all the details HERE.

The Board

Murph Prep Monday Continues!

The Mobility

Some great mobilities provided by Dr. Steve at last weeks Ready to Run SeminarMedial Calf Mobilization with LAXMedial Heel Mobilization with LAX

The Strength

Dumbbell Chest PressStrict Pull-Ups (or band assisted)*Be sure to look ahead at the Met-Con and incorporate some of the active rest between sets.

The Met-Con

Murph Prep Mondays are Back!We will be working primarily on Running, Push-Ups and Pull-Ups every Monday until our Memorial Day Hero WOD, Murph.At GO and every 5:00 after, go out for a Run!Pull-Ups& ScalingPush-UpsAir Squats

The Finisher

Reverse Fly on Incline Bench (light)Plank to Elevated Plank

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