Happy Birthday Coach 8/29/21

September 27, 2022
Happy Birthday Coach 8/29/21

The Board

We have been doing this WOD every year for the past 7 years to celebrate the guy we call Coach. The story behind it.... when we first opened and were a small gym, on members birthdays, we would program a WOD in their honor with all of their favorite movements. Just to be a little different, Tarken programed a WOD for his birthday, will all movements he did not enjoy. Hence, ALL THE RUNNING. This WOD is a great challenge, and many of you remember it.Let's see you all dig deep, grind through it and honor the mastermind behind the madness we do each day! You are strong, capable, and it is definitely not as bad as you might build it up to be in your head.

2020 Board

Note... Covid prevented us from doing Wall Balls - we substituted with a heavier MB Toss instead. This year we are doing WB's at a lighter weight.

2019 Board

The Movements

Bar HopsShoulder to Overhead - pick a weight that you can move larger sets. It is a big number under fatigue. Don't 'go heavy' just because it's lighter than we normally program for Rx.

Prisoner Lunge - Alternating Forward Lunge with your hands laced behind your head.Wall Balls

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