Happy Birthday Coach: 8/30/19

September 27, 2022
Happy Birthday Coach: 8/30/19

PLEASE NOTE: Monday, 9/2 we will be only running a 8:00 and 9:00am class. Please sign-in ASAP if you know you would like to attend!

Happy Birthday Coach

Back in 2014 Tarken put this WOD together to do on his birthday. Back then, we were small enough where members would submit requests of WODs to do on their Birthday. Most everyone filled their WOD with movements that they love. Knowing this, Tarken decided to put his Birthday WOD together with a bunch of movements he actually didn't enjoy.... Hint, Hint: All the running!We have done this WOD every year since 2014 and it's always fun to celebrate another year around the sun for Coach. Come on in and help us celebrate. Below are 2018 and 2017 board pics.



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