Happy New Year!!!!

September 27, 2022
Happy New Year!!!!

2020: A Year in Review

As we put 2020 behind us, let's not forget some of the positives one of the toughest years have brought us. I truly believe we will come out of this stronger than we have ever been and even closer as a community. We are an unstoppable crew that truly does hard things. Enjoy this 2020 recap. 365 days condensed into a 6 minute clip for you all. THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts for getting us through this year TOGETHER!https://youtu.be/QnorNfDMsvw

The Board

The Warm-Up

Heat 2 will have 7 minutes before starting. Heat 2 should begin/continue their warm-up during this time.Russian Baby Makers


In December 2018, we did this work-out with a 18 minute time cap. Grinstead was the only one to finish at 17:30. We wanted a repeat, but increased the KB weight to accommodate what we typically do for our current program. Let's see how fast you can get this done!The RowYou must be off the rower at the 5:00 mark. This will be tight. Row hard, then pace, then finish strong!The Box JumpsHeat 1 will share a box with Heat 2. YOU MUST DO THE BOX JUMPS within your 'box', heat 2 will have to retrieve the box from heat 1. Please wear a mask when doing so.

The Finisher

4 Rounds 10-20 repshttps://youtu.be/70SEGdviYUo

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