Keep It Close: 11/20/19

September 27, 2022
Keep It Close: 11/20/19

Keep The Bar Close

The press has very little tolerance for a sloppy bar path.Pressing efficiency is strongly influenced by the mechanics of the pressing position: the shorter the distance between the bar and the shoulders, the shorter the moment arm. (Figure A) Driving up close to the face provides this good mechanical position. (Figure B)Any movement of body or bar that increases the moment arm length is detrimental to pressing efficiency. ( M.A. = moment arm )When the distance between the shoulder joints and the bar gets to the point where the leverage created by this moment arm (M.A.) exceeds your strength - even if the load itself does not - you will get stuck on the way up. It is critical to keep the bar close. Three common bar path problems cause this to happen; pushing the bar away, failing to get under the bar after it passes the forehead, and leaning back away from the bar are all different problems, but they all affect the press the same way.Drawing and excerpt from Starting Strength: Basic Barbell Training, 3rd. Ed.Keeping the elbows up, and slightly in front of the bar, in the starting position of the press will help to ensure a more rearward bar path to get it over the shoulder joint quickly. Allowing the elbows to drop underneath or behind the bar may cause it to be pressed away from the face.Some cues to think about while pressing if you find the bar getting away from you or youre lingering back behind the bar too longAim for your noseAim for your foreheadBrush your bangs with the barBrush your beard with the bar (only works if you have a beard)Courtesy of @startingstrength

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