Leg Tucks: 1/8/19

September 27, 2022
Leg Tucks: 1/8/19


There will be a short National Guard ceremony honoring Tiff's promotion to the rank of Captain at 4pm In the big room. We invite all of you to be a part of it, but you must arrive at 4pm to do so. So that the ceremony will not be interrupted, if you cannot attend at that time, we will be locking the garage door entrance until it is over. You may enter in the side door, but please be respectful of the ceremony and keep quiet/refrain from using equipment until it is over.

Bench Program Begins

We will be starting our Bench Program this week. The program, once again, Is based off percentages of your 1RM. If you do not have a current 1RM, DON'T WORRY, but keep reading below.If you know your 1 RM, the program will run as follows for tomorrow.

  1. Quick off bench warm-up
  2. On bench warm-up (2:30 loop) 15-20 reps (barbell) 10-15 reps (light weight) 5 reps (little more)
  3. Heavy Single X 3 rounds
  4. 80% of your 1RM 3X5 (3 sets, 5 reps)

Don't Know Your 1RM?

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