Linking the C2B:1/28/20

September 27, 2022
Linking the C2B:1/28/20

Are you one that has trouble linking your chest to bar pull-ups together? Here is a short video clip that may explain the root of your problem...1. After your arch you anticipate getting the chest to the bar too early2. Therefore, you do NOT FINISH the hollow position so you cant pull around and down on bar3. By pulling early, it sets you under the bar so youre in the wrong position for the next rep!WHAT TO FIX:(Besides making sure you can do strict pull-ups!)1. Be more patient!2. After the arch you must hit hollow by pulling down on bar by engaging lats!3. This creates momentum for your body to travel up4. Then you can pull in to hit chest to bar5. Now youre more upright & can push away to continue into the next rep....NOTICE:1. Different angle of body in each pause during video2. Angle of wrists when you pull early vs. pulling around first.

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