Memorial Day Hero WOD: 5/28/22

September 23, 2022
Memorial Day Hero WOD: 5/28/22

The Weather

We will be keeping an eye on the weather for our BBQ, but we do have the ability to move the food/trunk sale/demos inside this year if need be. Don't let it stop you from coming!

To Honor and Remember

Today we come together to honor and remember a true American War Hero. This work-out is long, and it is tough, but it is meant to be. When you don't think you can do another rep, or another round... when you don't think you have the energy to push on that final run, PUSH HARDER. You are able to work-out today because of War Heroes like Michael Murphy. So when the going gets tough, put your head down and think about all the American Soldiers that have given their lives for your freedom. That is why we come together each Memorial Day, and we thank you being a part of this special WOD with us.

The Work-Out

This work-out is commonly scaled (partitioned) 2 ways...20 Rounds of:5 Pull-Ups10 Push-Ups15 Air SquatsOR 20 Rounds of:5 Push-Ups10 Pull-Ups5 Push-Ups15 Air SquatsVersion 2 Is a great idea if you are not VERY good at push-ups. For the majority, push-ups are the hardest part of this work-out and will take the most time. If you break them up into smaller sets, you will be able to move through more continuously.

Murph 2021

Murph 2020

Covid Year... Many did KBS instead of Pull-Ups

Murph 2019

Murph 2018

Murph 2017

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