Monday 1/17/22

September 27, 2022
Monday 1/17/22

CrossFit Open Tee Shirts

The CrossFit Open begins 2/24. You will hear us talk more and more about it in the coming weeks. Each year we design a new tee shirt to wear for the Saturday WODs. If you would like to order a 2022 802 Open Tee Shirt, please follow THIS LINKOR email if you have trouble with the link.Tee Shirts $25

The CrossFit Open

February 24 - March 9


The Strength

You will be using the first rounds as a warm-up to build to weight on the barFirst sets should be done with a PVC or empty barbell.1:00 loop means sets will come quickly. Assemble your station with weight before first set begins.

As Many Burpees as Possible

Following a 1:00 Clock for 12 RoundsWeight is heavier... you will have to plan your burpees to not exhaust you too much to get under the bar.6 Rounds at one weight, 6 rounds lighter.Load your bar accordingly.1 Squat Clean2 Push or Split JerksAs Many Burpees as Possible in the remainder of the minute.

The Finisher

ConditioningAssault Bike Sprints

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