Monday 10/3/22

October 1, 2022
Monday 10/3/22


Wrist Traction

Ankle Traction (just the last exercise in video)


Completed during board explanation just to get you moving

Leg Swings Front to Back and Side to Side

Good Mornings

PVC Towel Stretch

PVC Strict Press


We are continuing to break down the clean into each of its components leading to the complete lift.

We broke up the sets based on time spent on each movement, but also a recommended loop to follow. If things are light, you can rest for shorter periods. As they get heavier, rest for longer....

Part One:

*Before each set of Tall Clean and High Hang Clean complete 1 Lift off with Pause + 1 Hang Pull

Part Two:

Clean Deadlift

Hang Clean,

1 Clean Pull

1 Clean

1 Front Squat


As Many Rounds/Repetitions As Possible in 12:00

Back Squats


Double Unders


Single Arm Farmers Carry

Single Arm OH Walk

Ski Erg

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