Monday 2/7/22

September 27, 2022
Monday 2/7/22

The Board

The Mobility

The Warm-Up

The Strength

Building to a Heavy Clean & JerkUse the Hang Muscle Clean + Strict Press to continue warming up. First set is with a barbell. The sets to follow should be the same for most, or light weight. You have plenty of reps coming, use this as a primer.Rx/Per: 3 Hang Clean & Jerks (Push or Split)Fitness: Do all 3 Hang Power Cleans (catch high and ride Into a squat) THEN do 3 Push JerksRx/Per: Work to a heavy single Clean & JerkFitness: Continue to work on form/technique. Perform 2-3 Cleans, then 2-3 Jerks

The Met-Con

10:00 AMRAPThe weight chosen should be slightly heavy, but one in which you can cycle, especially at the WOD start.

The Finisher

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