Monday 3/21/22

September 27, 2022
Monday 3/21/22

The Board

The Mobility

The Warm-Up

The Strength

Working to a heavy single. If you are a new CrossFitter, settle in at 3 reps.

The Met-Con

A few different things going on here....You will be listening for the clock to beep Every Minute on the Minute, notifying you to stop where you are and perform Air Squats, but then also, at the start and every 4:00 after you must row and do Box Jumps.You should be finished with the row in less than 1:00, therefore the timer for the Air Squats will not interfere. If the row is taking you longer than 1:00, you must scale back.When you are not rowing, box jumping, or air squatting, you will AMRAP hang power snatches and starfish.The row, box jumps and Air Squats do not count toward your score.

The Finisher


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