Monday 6/13/22

September 23, 2022
Monday 6/13/22

Print Your Squat Program

Last week we found our 1RM Back and Front Squat. Plug those numbers into the����Squat Program HERE

If you did not find your 1RM last week, but would like to, you may use week 1 to do so

If you are new to CrossFit, or are easing back in, print the spread sheet blank, follow the same rep scheme, and note what you used for weight and use it as a guide moving forward.

The Board

The Mobility

The Warm-Up

You will work through the movements for 8 minutes and your back squat weight will end where you will start in the strength.

The Strength

3:00 LoopWe would rather have you hit these lifts rather than fail.���� If you are tired, sore, or the percentages are too heavy for any given week, PLEASE MAKE ADJUSTMENTS so you can hit the lift! As we get deeper into the program, this philosophy may change, but for now, this is the game plan!����

The Met-Con

As Many Burpees As Possible

Air SquatsBurpees

The Finisher

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