Monday 6/28/21

September 27, 2022
Monday 6/28/21

Running Clinic

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The Board

The Mobility

Prize Squat

The Warm-Up

Down Dog Toe TouchBanded Side StepsMonster WalkBanded Back Squat (Band above knees forces you to push-out as you squat)

The Strength

5 sets, 5 repsBack Squat (BS)


This one is quick and it will burn! Push yourself!As Many Rounds as Possible in 9 minutes of:Air Squats, Running and CleansMake sure you are getting full range of motion and full hip extension at the top of your Air Squats. Squeeze the glutes!

The Second Strength

We will be working percentages from your 1 Rep Max tested a few weeks ago (see board at bottom of blog). If you weren't here, keep this portion at workable weight, focusing on form and technique). Unlike shown in the video below, we would like you to hang onto the bar after each movement. We will also be following at 1:30 clock for 4 Rounds.


Clean 1 RM Board for percentages

The Finisher

Glute Bridges (SL)

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