Monday 6/29/20

September 27, 2022
Monday 6/29/20

Before Coming to Class

ZOOM Classes Resume!

We will be streaming LIVE at noon and 4:30pm Monday-Friday beginning Monday 6/22Meeting ID will always be the same: 504-063-0477 Link HERE______________________________________

The Board

One LONG Grind in store for Monday! You will very much appreciate the slightly lighter weights on SDLHP/Thrusters here!

The Run

All athletes will begin the WOD outside spread across the parking lot. Rxers will start closest to the building (spread out), Performance athletes will start in the center, Fitness athletes will start near the gravel at the far end of the lot.

Rx: You will follow our 'usual' path down the road. At the 400m turnaround, there is a small white spray painted line. This line is at the bend in the road just beyond the The Edge Daycare playground. When you reach this point, CROSS THE STREET, and run back on the opposite side of the road.Performance: You will run past the front of the building (where the porch is) and cut through the lawn, and run through the neighboring businesses parking lots. You will run to our 'usual' 300m mark which is where the fire hydrant is along the road. Please remember, you will not take the road back, you will run the same course, across the lawn.Fitness: You will run around the upper parking lot loop 3 times to complete your 450m run.

The Warm-Up


Please make sure you know your run route (see above) before class. Break your reps up into smart sets so you are able to stay moving!

The Finisher

If you finish the WOD early, jump right in to this!

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