Monday 7/19/21

September 27, 2022
Monday 7/19/21


Thank you all for helping us to celebrate our 8th Anniversary on Saturday! We had an amazing day, and I think we can all agree the games were a hit! We truly have a special Community, and we will never get tired of thanking each of you for being a part of it!

The Board

The Mobility

The Strength

Newer CrossFitters should do the 'Fit' version of this complex so you do not become overwhelmed with the number of movements listed. As always, if you have shoulder restrictions, you may clean instead.

  1. Snatch Deadlift = Standing the Barbell up, with a wide grip and big flat back. The Snatch Deadlift ensures you pick the bar up with good form, leading into the first piece of the complex.
  2. High Hang Power Snatch = Bar only descends a 1/4 way down the thighs. Bar is caught in the power position (above parallel)
  3. Hang Snatch = Bar descends to above knees. Bar is caught in a full squat.
  4. Snatch Bar Starts on the ground and is caught in a full squat
  5. Overhead Squat = Leave that bar overhead after completing the Snatch, and then go into your overhead squat.


This is a quick one, so don't leave anything behind! As Many Rounds/Reps as possible in 8 minutes of:Hang Power Snatch - above the knee, catch above parallel.Keep the bar overhead and do overhead squats (or backsquats for 'fitness').Bar goes down and do Down, Up & OverNow we change our grip to narrow and do Hang Power Clean (HPC)Front Squats and Burpee Over Bar

2nd Strength

After you get a good work-out in, we will then go back to the barbell and work on those snatchesRx/Performance = Full squat snatches from the ground, catching in a full squatFitness= Hang Power Snatch + Snatches (ground to full squat) OR practice your cleans.

The Finisher

Landmine Snatch

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