Monday 8/7/23

August 6, 2023
Monday 8/7/23

The Mobility

Barbell Quad Roll

Glute Foam Roll

The Warmup

Same warmup we have done for 7 weeks!

During Board


Figure 4s

Then 9:00

Monster Walk

Banded Glute Bridge

Air Squats (banded)

Build back squat weight

The Strength

Week 8  Hatch

Back Squat (BS)

Front Squat (FS)

Active Recovery = MB Toss --> WallBall build

Easy Pushups

The Metcon

As Many Rounds/Repetitions As Possible in 16:00

Wall Balls

Reverse Lunge



*At go and every 2:00 alternate between run and row distance

The Finisher

Romanian Deadlift

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