Monday 9/4/23

September 2, 2023
Monday 9/4/23

Labor Day Schedule of Classes - Monday classes only 8:00am and 9:10am

The Warmup

For 10:00

High Knees, Buttkicks, Side shuffle


Kettlebell Swing

Walking Hamstring Stretch

Plate Ground to Overhead Build

Air Squats

The Metcon

For Time with a Partner with a 32:00 Time Cap

Split the movements in half, but do the runs together


Plate Ground to Overhead

Double Unders

Single Leg Tuck-Up

Kettlebell Swing'

*You start with burpees, then run, then do the burpees and the next movement, then run, etc. you add another movement after each run and then after the longest run, you remove a movement each round.

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