Pull-Ups & Rows: Wednesday 4/8/20

September 27, 2022
Pull-Ups & Rows: Wednesday 4/8/20

Virtual Classes Are Growing!

Missing your WOD buddies, how about those coaching cues and motivation to work harder? The virtual classes have been GREAT keeping all of those, and many more things alive! Trust us! Download the Zoom app and join us. It's so easy and so much better than working out alone!

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Meeting ID number: 504-063-0477

Wednesday: The Board

Pull-Ups For Some - Reverse Grip Rows for others...5 ROUNDS EVERY 3:00


If you only have a plate, you may use it for the V Rotations (V-Sit Tap). We found the V Rotations to be a bigger challenge and would like you to use a DB if it makes senseRx= Rotations 50/35# KBS 70/50#Performance=PRotations 35/25# KBS 50/35#Fitness= Rotations 20/10# KBS= Russian if need be and 30/20#https://youtu.be/OCtZkleL4Zc

The Warm-Up

3 Roundshttps://youtu.be/FyCEnVQtN_w

The Extra Work


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