Best WOD of the Week: 4/1/23

March 31, 2023
Best WOD of the Week: 4/1/23


This work-out begins with a Row. Row distance stated is total. You will divide the row evenly between you and your partner.

Athlete 1 works while Athlete 2 rests

When Row is complete:

A1 will do 5 BJ

A2 does 5 BJ

A1 does 5 Plate Ground to Overhead

A2 does 5 G2OH

and so on.....

When all movements are complete, you will move to 6 reps of each movement.

After the round of 10, athletes will row again in the same manner as the first.

You will then work your way back down the ladder again.



Box Jumps

Plate Ground to Overhead

A Jumps

Plate Ab Mat Sit-Ups

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