Running Endurance: 11/12/19 Solo Run Saturday

September 27, 2022
Running Endurance: 11/12/19 Solo Run Saturday

Keith White and Allie will be out of town on Saturday. We encourage you all to meet and run as you usually do, you just won't have building or board access.Don't forget reflective gear and headlamps for Tuesday night runs!RX1200m MOD/FAST1000m MOD/FAST800M MOD/FAST600M MOD/FAST400M MOD/FAST1200m MOD/FASTRest 1:00 BT each5200MPerformance1000m MOD/FAST800m MOD/FAST600M MOD/FAST400M MOD/FAST200M MOD/FAST1000m MOD/FASTRest 1:00 BT each4000MFitness800m SLOW/MOD600m SLOW/MOD400M SLOW/MOD200M SLOW/MOD200M SLOW/MOD800m SLOW/MODRest 1:00 BT each3000M

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