Strict Strength: 12/24/19

September 27, 2022
Strict Strength: 12/24/19

Strict Strength

Kipping pull ups represent a large part of the philosophy of CrossFit, which is efficiency, or the ability to do more repetitions faster while maintaining a full range of motion. However,Strict movement builds strength and this is where your journey MUST begin.Strict movements prepare the smaller muscle groups for kipping.When doing strict movements you are building up those smaller muscles to support the shoulder and prevent tears and dislocations.The most important thing is to constantly work on your form and strength building, even if that means your pride may suffer a bit.Remember, its difficult to go from kipping to a strict movement, but its much easier to go from a strict movement to a kipping one. Kipping is just a tool to utilize to be faster during WODs that are time sensitive, but the strict movement is translated in all most everything you do in CrossFit.

Lats then Biceps

Lats are your primary movers when performing strict pull-ups, Biceps are secondary movers. HOWEVER, most people, when performing the movement, use biceps first, then lats. The video below explores this subject and teaches you how to correctly activate these muscle groups.

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