Support Your Local Box WOD 3: 4/20/20

September 27, 2022
Support Your Local Box WOD 3: 4/20/20

Links To Sign-In Monday

Meeting ID number: 504-063-0477

SYLB Final Week!

We will be seeing many modifications to get this WOD done, and that is okay! Just remember, if you have to alter the WOD in any way, it will be a scaled score. Keep a firm eye on the bigger picture here which is to bring our Community together. Work your hardest, with what you've got, and be PROUD of your effort!BE SURE TO CHECK OUT THE STANDARDS OF MOVEMENT

Frequently Asked Questions

Weight Suggestion for Scaled Score using Barbells

Rx= Deadlift 100/70#Performance= 75/55#Fitness=65/35#Thruster weight should be roughly 1/2 of this

The Warm-Up

The Strength

  1. Use a loaded backpack or DB loaded on the back side if you don't have a Barbell
  2. STAY ACTIVE in the hole. Do not settle and rest in the bottom of your squat.
  3. Big squeeze of the glutes to fire out of the hole.

The Finisher

Yup, we changed the name on ya.... Why? Because we want to treat this as more of something we will be doing together at the end of the class each day, rather than an option.

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