Test WOD: 6/1/21

September 27, 2022
Test WOD: 6/1/21


We had a day filled with emotion as we honored and remembered all service men and women that paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. To all our 802 Community currently deployed, you were also in our hearts as we powered through another year of this humbling work-out. We miss you!

Test WOD

Now that our Murph Prep Mondays have come to a close, our next focus will be CLEANS! Today we will lock in our 1RM immediately following a nice, challenging WOD! Participating in the Nutrition Challenge, or not, all classes will be hitting this one today!

The Board


Shoulder to Overhead =Push-PressOR Push-JerksHang Power Clean (HPC)Ab Mat Sit-Up (AMSU)Part IIIf you are new to CrossFit, your focus should be on form and technique rather than a 1RM. Perhaps focus on doing 3 good reps instead of 1.https://youtu.be/EKRiW9Yt3Ps

The Finisher


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