Thursday: 4/27/23

April 26, 2023
Thursday: 4/27/23

No Free Trial Thursday

We will resume 5/4

The Mobility

Banded Hip Opener

Hamstring Smash (Box Lax Ball)

The Warm-Up

For 6:00

PVC Torso Rotation

Monster Walk Forward and Backwards

Banded Side Steps

Banded Glute Bridge

Tempo Back Squat (BS) Build

The Strength

On a 2:30 Loop

Tempo Back Squat (BS)

3 Seconds on the way down-1 second in the hole -1 second to the top -2 seconds at the top

The Met-Con

As Many Rounds/Repetitions and Calories as Possible in 24:00 with a Partner

Athlete 1:

Athlete 2:

The Finisher

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