Thursday 8/12/21

September 27, 2022
Thursday 8/12/21


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The Board


Week 2 of our Bench Press Program Resumes. If you missed week 1, or the day we found our 1 Rep Max, don't worry. You can jump in at any point, consistently, or inconsistently. Simply replace the number at the top of the spreadsheet with your 1 Rep Max, and the percentages we are following will convert for youPrintable Bench Program

The Warm-Up

DoorwayPec SmashThe warm-up will be a bit different then we typically do. You will have 7 minutes to go through the list ONE TIME. You will do one set only of 0:30 Row, Jumping Jacks,Phelps Swings and Narrow Arm Swings. You will then move to the bench where you will use the remainder of the 7 minutes to warm-up a set of 10-8-5. Rest wisely between each of these sets and build the weight according to the percentages listed. For the warm-up, we gave you a percentage range to follow. Use this range as you would want to build to your first heavy single.

The Strength


This WOD begins with a row buy-in. Row just one time, and then perform as many reps as possible of:Push-Ups

BurpeesAb Mat Sit-Up (AMSU)and then run 150m (around the loop) for Rx.

The Finisher

Dumbbell Kick Backs

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