Tips for a Better Shoulder Press: 2/25/20

September 27, 2022
Tips for a Better Shoulder Press: 2/25/20


Last Day for Schedule Changes!Tuesday 2/25: NO 6:30pm - Run Group Independent

Tips for a More Efficient Press

The press is the oldest barbell exercise in the gym. As with many old things, its value often goes under-appreciated. Pressing a bar overhead develops an immense amount of core strength as well as working all other muscles from the legs at the floor to the hands and arms in the air.1. Stay TightThis tip will improve your lifting immediately.When holding the weight support it not only on your delts, but also squeeze it with your lats. This is the same feeling you should have while benching.Think about engaging your back muscles by externally rotating your shoulders. The tighter that area gets the more force you will transfer overhead.Speaking of tight, dont forget your butt! Pinch a penny with those cheeks and youll press more immediately.2. Learn to get your head through.As soon as the barbell clears your face you have to push your head forward. This will bring you underneath the load, which is the easiest way to lift it.Being directly under the weight directly gives you clear a mechanical advantage. You must do it in order to train effectively and safely.If you have to lean backwards to press I recommend that you stop and work on your thoracic spine and shoulder mobility instead. You cant fight physics. Sooner or later youre going to injure yourself.Remember, The Press falls under the umbrella of the Shoulder to Overhead (STOH) movements. The Shoulder Press, Push Press,The Push Jerk&The Split Jerk. Acquaint yourself if you are unfamiliar.

At Home Body-weight WOD

StrengthBox Dips (using chair/bench/couch) 4 X 10

WOD12 minute Pike Push-Up Up Ladder2 - 4- 6 - 8 - 10 - 12..... (only the pike push-ups increase in reps)Pike Push-Ups5 Sit-Ups20 Side - Forward- Side Hop (mimicking the size jump of a double under) - Each time you hit the forward position it will count as one repPike Push-Up (see below)

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