Tuesday 1/12/21

September 27, 2022
Tuesday 1/12/21

The Board

The Warm-Up


The Strength

As always, you can sub cleans if you have shoulder issues. Your complex would be:1 Clean+Hang Power Clean + 1 Hang Clean + 1 Cleanhttps://youtu.be/ULg-HEjUP-8


If you are doing the fitness (or performance) category, don't get hung up on Double Unders for too long. Take a look at the time domains for fitness and try and stick to those. Use your time wisely to work on the technique below.Power Cleanhttps://youtu.be/KwYJTpQ_x5ADouble Under Tipshttps://youtu.be/EExiCF6nYfE

The Finisher

Regular Grip 4 x 10-15 repshttps://youtu.be/BmLrP7oSIrQ

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