Tuesday 1/5/21

September 27, 2022
Tuesday 1/5/21

New Class

Don't forget, our first ROW Endurance class meets for the first time this Saturday 1/9, 8:00-8:50 and 10:00-10:50am. You must sign-in on MindBody and cannot overlap beyond the scheduled class time. We will follow our Running Endurance program, work on your cardio conditioning, and also rack up meters for our January Row Challenge!

The Board

The Warm-Up


The Strength

Please make sure to position yourself on your mat so you won't fall off the edge mid lift. Clear your mat of PVC's water and spray bottles and watch out for the walls :)The Back Rack Split Jerk is a great way to train the vertical dip drive portion of the Jerk. The forward lunge we often see when we receive the bar in the regular split jerk is often eliminated in back rack jerks. This complex is put together so that by the time you get to the split jerk, you will have perfected the vertical dip drive.https://youtu.be/b2-seNUjtV4


Following a minute clock, you will accumulate as many reps as possible. Stretcth out those wrists and forearms during the down time in your strength.https://youtu.be/Deg8H6uYj70

The Finisher


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