Tuesday 10/5/21

September 27, 2022
Tuesday 10/5/21

Gymnastics Progressions

Level One

For those that DO NOT have strict pull-ups, or want to get stronger at strict pull-ups.

Level Two

For those that HAVE a strict or multiple strict pull-ups, but are lacking good kipping technique. This will help improve your kip, and kip strength, allowing you to string more reps together. Remember, strict before kipping is ALWAYS recommended. However, there are a few that fall in the gray area here and should consult with a coach if in question.

Level Three

HAVE strict Pull-Ups. HAVE Chest to Bar Pull-Ups. Can do at least 10 Kipping Pull-Ups unbroken.

The Board

The Mobility

Hollow Arch Progression: Coach Led


The Warm-Up

The Strength

The Metcon

As many rounds as possible in 12:00 of:

The Finisher

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