Tuesday 11/23/21

September 27, 2022
Tuesday 11/23/21

Holiday Schedule

The Board

The Mobility

Lying Pec Minor

The Strength

Looking at the Strength and the Met-Con, consider the overall push-up volume of the day. Use part 1 to warm-up, but also as a time to practice PERFECT push-up reps. Many will have to find a number between Rx/Per/Fit that makes sense for them. Do half from your toes, half from your knees... Whatever allows you to move in one straight line with a full-range of motion.10 Minute Every Minute on the MinuteMin 1: Push-UpsMin 2: Single Arm Dumbbell Chest Press (from ground) - Coaches Demohttps://youtu.be/kXrLAW0JaNA

The Met-Con

2 Scores: Max Calories on the Rower in 3:00 AND As Many Reps As Possible in 15:00Take a look at the scores below from the last time we did 3:00 max calories. We want you to really push and row hard. Max Effort.After the Row you get 2 full minutes to recover before the AMRAP begins.15:00 AMRAP

The Finisher

Plate Pull-Over (and Hovers)

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