Tuesday 11/30/21

September 27, 2022
Tuesday 11/30/21

Tuesday Gymnastics Program

Choose the category you fall under and only watch the videos for that focus.

The Board

NEW movements are in BOLD

The Mobility/Warm-Up (All Levels)

NEW movements are in BOLD

Level One

Level Two

Level Three

Little bit of a different format this week. You will do 3 rounds of the first part. This will warm you up for some full bar muscle ups at the end.

The Met-Con

As Many Kettlebell Swings As PossibleFollowing a 3:00 clock, you will row, KB HPC, DU, KBS, DU and then go back to the Kettlebell and complete as many swings as possible in the remainder of that 3:00.You must be back on the rower by the time the clock starts for the next roundYour row cannot exceed 1:00 otherwise the next heat will not have enough time to get situated before they begin.Leave yourself enough time to get back to the rower between rounds.

The Finisher

Dumbbell Row orLow Bar Scap Pins

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