Tuesday 3/9/21

September 27, 2022
Tuesday 3/9/21

Check Your Email (Again)!

We sent out a mass email to all of you on Sunday AND a survey in regards to Open start times. Please reply to the survey asap if you have signed up for The Open!

The Board

The Mobility

3 Point Hip Opener4 Point Wrist Mobility

The Warm-Up

Lateral LungesGlute Bridges

The Strength

Don't forget about the active rest! You will want to warm-up your Snatch/OHS before going into the WOD. Use a PVC, or get out another BB to do so!https://youtu.be/RF0P1qLXPVk



The Finisher

(optional)Low Ab Leg Raise on BenchGlute Bridge on Bench

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