Tuesday 4/4/23

April 3, 2023
Tuesday 4/4/23


Work on perfecting the Clean & Jerk with our Olympic Lifting class on Friday night! This class will run the first Friday of every month, alternating between C & J and Snatch technique. Join us! 


Our nutrition challenge begins SOON! 4 weeks of ADDING better habits to our lives! More veggies, more protein, more water, more activity! Not overly strict, just a great extra push right before the warm summer months ahead! SIGN-UP HERE!

The Mobility

Banded Lat Stretch (1/2 Kneeling)

Side Lying Rainbow

The Warm-up

For 7:00

:30 Mono

Straight Arm Lat Pulls

Thread the Needle

Hanging S2S Rock

Band Rows

Air Squats

The Strength

5 Rounds for 15:00

Strict Pull-Up (with a band or single leg on a box)

Walking Lunge

Strapless Strokes with Drag Factor of 150

What is Drag Factor...

Drag factor is a numerical value for the rate at which the flywheel is decelerating. This number changes with the volume of air that passes through the flywheel housing. Since higher damper settings allow more air into the flywheel housing, the flywheel decelerates more quickly, resulting in a higher drag factor value.

There are some variables (elevation, dust etc) that effect drag factor, but you may need to change the damper setting to make different Indoor Rowers feel “right” to you. It is important to note that, unlike weight lifting, the goal is not to use a higher drag factor as a means of achieving fitness on the Indoor Rower. It is much better to work with lower drag factor settings (110-140) while improving your speed, form and muscle coordination. Many of the world’s top heavyweight competitors use settings in this range.

Much like selecting a gear on a bicycle, drag factor is a personal choice. You should experiment with different damper settings (and resulting drag factors) in order to find the setting that works best for you.

On a PM3 or PM4 from the “MAIN MENU” select “MORE OPTIONS” and “DISPLAY DRAG FACTOR”.Now, take a few strokes and look at the value in the lower right corner. A brand new Indoor Rower will have a drag factor of about 90-100 at the 1 damper setting, and about 210-220 at the 10 setting.

The Met-con

As Many Repetitions As Possible in 25:00

following a 1:00 Clock x 5 Rounds

Calorie Row


Reverse Lunges


Bike Calories

The Finisher

CS 90/90 & Victory

Bent Over Reverse Fly

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