Tuesday 5/16/23

May 15, 2023
Tuesday 5/16/23

The Mobility

Banded Wrist Traction

Banded Front Rack

The Warm-Up

5:00 working through the following movements

Strokes on Rower

Squat Jumps

Down Ups

PVC-->BB Front Squat

PVC-->BB Clean

The Strength

The coach will lead you through all the movements before heading into the strength

7-8 Rounds of:

Clean Deadlift

High Hang Power Clean

Hang Clean


The Met-Con

As Many Cleans as Possible

On a 2:00 Loop for 8 rounds


Clean Deadlift

Hang Power Clean (HPC)

*As many cleans in time remaining

The Finisher

Shrugs (w/ DB)

Banded Glute Bridge

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