Tuesday 5/18/21

September 27, 2022
Tuesday 5/18/21

Murph Registration, Covid Updates and More


Best WOD of the Week Off Premise

Be sure to read the newsletter above for our Off Premise Class this week.

The Board

The Mobility

Lat Foam RollBone Saw Calf Smash or KB Calf Smash

The Warm-Up

Good Mornings (PVC)Muscle Snatch (PVC)

The Strength

Do not get overwhelmed with words here.... This series is a complex moving from one movement to the next. If you are one that struggles with range of motion in the Snatch, simply work on the movement to a depth you are able to perform with GOOD FORM. If you cannot snatch due to restrictions you will follow a Clean Complex (Clean, FS, HHPC, HPC, Clean) instead.https://youtu.be/PeBE9eJYnMg


8 Rounds , REST 1 MINUTE, 4 more Rounds


The Finisher

Standing on top of the tire TIRE SLEDGE HAMMER

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