Tuesday 6/20/23

June 20, 2023
Tuesday 6/20/23

The Mobility

Thread the Needle

Extended Child Pose

The Warm-Up

8:00 Warm-up and Coach Led:

1 Round of:

PVC Circles

Back Rack Press

Good Mornings (PVC)

Split Stance Hops with Arm Swings


Round 1: Snatch Lift-off with  Pause in the Hang

Round 2: Snatch Deadlift

Round 3: Hang Power Snatch

Round 4: Snatch

The Strength

On a 2:00 Loop

Snatch Lift-off with  Pause in the Hang

Snatch Deadlift

Hang Power Snatch


The Met-con

For Time with a 15:00 Time Cap

Down ladder of Snatch (at heavier weight first)

You will keep the same reps for each round of the following movements:

Ab Mat Sit-Up (AMSU)

Bar Hops


THEN REPEAT, but snatches decrease in weight

The Finisher

C/S Cool Down

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