Free Trial Thursday 4/6/23

April 5, 2023
Free Trial Thursday 4/6/23


Free Trial Thursday attendees will focus mainly on THE WORK-OUT description and videos to go with it below. We will guide you through the warm-up and go over the work-out details when the rest of the class is doing THE STRENGTH session of the class.

All work-outs will be scaled to meet individual need and abilities, no matter your current level of fitness..

All questions will be answered when you arrive!

The Mobility

Snow Angel (Foam Roll)

Side Lying Rainbow

The Warm-up

For 8-9:00 work through the following movements

:30 Row/Bike/Ski or Run (fast)


Easy Push-up

Prone A’s (palms up)

Prone A’s (palms down)

Prone T's (palms down)

The Strength

5-6 Rounds on a 1:30 Loop Alternate from:

Incline Chest Flys


Bent Over Reverse Fly

(you will do incline DB Chest Fly - rest the remainder of the 1:30, then on the next round do Bentover Rev. Fly. Do not do both movments within the same 1:30)

Active Rest- Crossover Step-Ups or Devils Press Build

The Met-con

As Many Calories As Possible In 22:00 (in teams of 3)

Athlete 1 - Calorie Bike

Athlete 2 - Burden Hold

Athelete 3 - 1 Round of:

Crossover Step-Ups

Devils Press

* Athlete 1 is the scorable station and it will be rolling calories on the bike so do not reset the bike each time

* Athlete 2 holds the Dball

* Athlete 3 does one round, then dictates the switch

The Finisher

Landmine 1/2 Kneeling Press

Lu Press

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