Tuesday 8/16/22

August 18, 2022
Tuesday 8/16/22



Coach Led:

- Clean

- Push Jerk

- Split Jerk

General Warm-Up


Narrow Swings

Split Stance Hops


Your strength is a complex moving the bar from the bar to your shoulders with a Squat Clean, you will then perform 2 Push Jerks, and 1 Split Jerk

If you have not yet perfected the Push Jerk, stick to this for 3 reps instead of moving to the split. There is footwork to be learned for the split jerk and that will come with time.


- Classes will be divided so that people are starting in different places and rotating through.

-You will work for 0:30 and have 0:40 off to transition/rest. Work hard in those working sets to earn that rest.

- There are only 2 scorable stations in this work-out. Total calories rowed + total power cleans (added together for one score).

- The WW are NOT scored because it has been awhile since we have exectuted, and we want to make sure proper scaling is performed. Box WW and Partial WW are a great, much safer way to build strength in this movement as opposed to struggling to perform just a few reps for the sake of putting Rx next to your name. Scale accordingly.

-Box WW can even present a challenge. Another scaling option is plank shoulder taps, which can even be performed from your knees.

Row (flaws corrected)

Wall Walk

Box Wall Walk

Power Clean - don't grip and rip through these. Focus on the power of the hips and getting set for good, clean reps.


BB Shrugs

Clean Pulls

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