Tips: 10/15/19

September 27, 2022
Tips: 10/15/19

Getting some things out of the way that we 'may' see in 20.2 towards the beginning of the week we will take a look at Deadlifts, Double Unders and Handstand Push-Ups. Take a look at some 'how-tos' and tips on all below!

Double Under Points of Performance:

  1. Same Jump as a Single Under, Just Bigger and slower.
  2. Legs straight, no piking or donkey kicks
  3. Stay neutral. Pick a spot on the wall and stare at it.
  4. Arms slightly in front of the torso. Shoulders relaxed.
  5. Its all in the wrists, not your elbows. Quick wrists.
  6. Arms stay tight to the body
  7. Find and use the same rope. Handles go to nipple height while standing on it.

Handstand Push-Ups: Check Your Form

  1. Hand Position - don't get too close OR too far from the wall
  2. Make a Tripod - just like a Strict Press
  3. Wide Knees

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