Wednesday 3/25/20: Clean Complex

September 27, 2022
Wednesday 3/25/20: Clean Complex

Live Classes

Live Class Times on Wednesday (12:00 & 4:30pm) and will be adding more soon based on your feedback. Keep a lookout for an email in your inboxes in the next few days.

The Links

Our Meeting ID will always be the same.... You can join using the ID number: 504-063-0477 any time we are live,OR

Both Classes will Open 30 minutes prior to class time to chit chat. WE WILL DO THE ENTIRE CLASS LIVE - so no need to warm-up or do the strength on your own.


If you haven't downloaded the Zoom App, you must do so prior to joining in the fun! Find ALL THE INFO HERE

Wednesday 3/25/20: The Board

The Warm-Up:

The Strength

Every Minute on The Minute (or a 1:00 loop) perform:



15 Minute Up Ladder1-2-3-4-5-6............... (keep going for 15 minutes)

Notes:The Power Cleans & HPC increase by 1 every round - the Bar Hops and V-Taps stay the same every round. Score is total completed rounds, plus any additional reps.Weight Suggestions:Barbell:

Double Dumbbell:

Single Dumbbell

The Extra Work & Cool Down

Immediately following WOD go into a Low Back Stretch for 6 total reps with a 10 second breath on each sideTHEN:4 Rounds of:

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