Wednesday 4/5/23

April 4, 2023
Wednesday 4/5/23


Work on perfecting the Clean & Jerk with our Olympic Lifting class on Friday night! This class will run the first Friday of every month, alternating between C & J and Snatch technique. Join us! 


Our nutrition challenge begins SOON! 4 weeks of ADDING better habits to our lives! More veggies, more protein, more water, more activity! Not overly strict, just a great extra push right before the warm summer months ahead! SIGN-UP HERE!

The Mobility

Wall Birthing + OH Stretch

Standing Glute Stretch

The Warm-up


:30 Mono

Banded SP

PVC Back Rack Press

PVC Overhead Squat

PVC Snatch Balance

The Strength

On a 2:30 loop

Overhead Squat from the rig and with a :02 pause in the hole

*As an active rest, warm-up your hang power snatch for the metcon

The Met-con

As Many Rounds/Repetitions As Possible in 15:00

Overhead Squat

Burpee Over Bar

Hang Power Snatch

Burpee Over Bar

* Every 3 min Row (not at 0:00)

The Finisher

Platt Pull-Over (and Hovers)

Ring Rows

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