Wednesday 5/4/22

September 23, 2022
Wednesday 5/4/22

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Double Under Clinic with Jenny & Steve

Memorial Day Hero WOD Murph/BBQ/Trunk Sale/Demo Day

Open GymWe will begin putting Open Gym dates on the calendar beginning 6/12. It is our goal to host the second weekend of the month to begin and see where that takes us! Each Open Gym slot will have a focus, but all members are welcome to join us no matter what they will be working on.802 Anniversary PartyYou're not going to want to miss it. SAVE THIS DATE!

The Board

The Warm-Up

The Strength

Our goal is to build pull-up strength using the Strict Pull-Up. Strict Pull-Ups are a challenge and they can be done in different ways to achieve the same goal. You will see in the video below a demonstration using bands, but you can also utilize the second video of the low bar toes assisted pull-up as well.

After completing the Pull-Ups you will go for a Row and then Run. This will be an action packed class right out of the gate!

The Met-Con

5 Rounds of Higher Reps, Chest to Bar Pull-Ups and a longer distance Run. Then As Many Rounds as Possible of the same movements (except chin over bar pull-ups), a lower rep scheme and shorter distance run with the time you have remaining.

The Finisher

5 x 10Death March

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